Will Southwest Florida Be The Next Big Tech Hub?

A 7-mile stretch of nothing but tech start-ups has inspired a serial entrepreneur to start something similar in the Southwest Florida region. Silicon Valley, the Southern portion of the San Francisco Bay area is considered the tech capital of the word and has the ecosystem for high-tech startups to prosper. The 7-mile stretch is bursting with high-profile venture capitalists, like-minded business professionals, and corporate gods.

A similar tech start-up haven that has taken the tech-world by surprise is Austin, Texas, the second largest tech hub in the world. According to an article in Forbes, Austin is one of the most attractive tech hubs because of their young, educated population. The article also states that by 2017, “roughly 9,000 new tech jobs will be created.”

If you are a tech startup and are considering moving to one of the two largest tech hubs in the world, we’d ask that you weigh all of your options before packing your bags. Silicon Valley and Austin are not the only tech epicenters where your tech business can thrive, according to Dieter Kondek. You may be wondering, what’s your next best option?

Dieter Kondek, founder, and CEO of the Rocket Lounge believes that Southwest Florida is going to be the next hotbed for technology and is bringing the first-ever Silicon Valley style incubator and accelerator to the region. The Rocket Lounge occupies the third floor of an old historic building on Hendry Street in Downtown Fort Myers, Florida. The Rocket Lounge atmosphere is a business-friendly environment that brings technically-minded people from all over the world together so that they can share their knowledge, expertise, and passion for the tech industry.

The Rocket Lounge mission statement: “The Rocket Lounge is on a mission to revive the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by building a tech startup ecosystem right in the heart of downtown Fort Myers.

Is Southwest Florida Posed to be the Next Silicon Valley Tech Hub?

In a recent interview with The Rocket Lounge founders, Dieter Kondek and Peter Ocsody, we explored the question – “Is Southwest Florida Posed to be the Next Silicon Valley Tech Hub?” – more in depth. According to the two entrepreneurs, there are so many great companies here locally that there is potential to develop a tech platform here in Southwest Florida. Dieter and Peter both believe that Southwest Florida boasts an ideal environment for tech startup success.

They believe that in order for this to work that revolutionary change needs to happen and that they will need the entire community to rally behind them to help them build a favorable ecosystem for startups. A key to success is Florida Gulf Coast University, and the talent pool that is coming out of that University. Dieter credits the local universities with supplying the talent, it’s just a matter of providing them with the right resources to fuel their entrepreneurial minds.

Southwest Florida Advantages:

  • Lower Taxes
  • Lower Cost of Living and Better Lifestyle
  • Modern International Airports
  • Low Crime Rates
  • Great Mentors
  • Highly Skilled Workforce
  • Business Friendly Environment

Are You Ready to Move Your Start Up to Southwest Florida?

Do we believe Southwest Florida will grab attention? Yes, especially with our highly skilled workforce, business-friendly environment, and low taxes. We believe with the help of our local community leaders, we will eventually have the perfect ecosystem to be the next largest tech hub in the United States. Tech startups that move and/or start their business here in the Southwest Florida area will bring money to the region and drive economic growth, giving immediate juice to our economy!

If you are a local startup or an existing tech business that is interested in learning more about the Southwest Florida area, please contact the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council for more information. Let us help you!