Why is Southwest Florida the Best Location for a Global Brand? Find Out Why In An Interview with Camuto Group:

“Life is an adventure, seize the opportunity and find your passion” – Vince Camuto

Southwest Florida is a very desirable area for large corporations; it’s an area that is fueled by a diverse economy and an educated labor supply. Florida is a business-friendly state, providing businesses with low taxes and a sought-after year-round climate.

Hertz Corporation, a Fortune 300 company, was the first to make the successful move to Southwest Florida. State officials, as well as Hertz management, declared the move as one of the most successful and profitable corporate relocations to date.

Another Global Brand soon followed. Camuto Group made the move to Southwest Florida in 2014, signing an 11-year lease in Bonita Springs. The billion-dollar fashion footwear company was founded in 2001 and currently operates in 22 countries.  Camuto Group’s financial division now occupies the 2nd floor of the Bonita Bay Executive Center building and currently employs roughly 25 individuals.

Chris D’Elia, Vice President of Credit & Collections at Camuto Group, currently runs the financial division of Camuto Group in Bonita Springs, Florida. We had the pleasure of interviewing Chris, asking him a few questions regarding Camuto Group’s relocation and future endeavors. Read on to learn why Southwest Florida attracted one of the world’s most admired companies.

Why Did Camuto Group Relocate to Southwest Florida?

According to a 2014 article in the News-press, Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Howald stated, “the area’s reasonable cost of labor and facilities, as well as the proximity to Southwest Florida International Airport”, attracted the company to the Southwest Florida area.

Chris D’Elia, Vice President of Credit & Collections, agreed with the foregoing statement and proclaimed, “This region has an unparalleled level of talent and the perfect environment to expand a business.”

The Southwest Florida Workforce

The Southwest Florida workforce also attracted Camuto Group to the area.  According to Chris D’Elia, “The Southwest Florida economy has always been one of the fastest growing regions in the state and the economy is showing signs of vibrancy and strength, attracting a young, educated workforce to the area.

In our interview with Chris, he mentioned that young professionals are now on the front lines of our workforce and that they can have a positive impact on any business, especially those businesses looking to relocate to the area. His exact statement regarding the Southwest Florida workforce, as well as area young professionals:

“When you think of Southwest Florida workers, in general, you think of this laid-back lifestyle and the Southwest Florida workforce has proved otherwise.

The youth today are extremely productive, they have a new way of doing things, and they are great with systems and great with shortcuts. At the end of the day, young professionals are extremely efficient.”

Will Camuto Group’s Move Attract Other Businesses to Southwest Florida?

When we spoke with Chris, we asked him if he believes other global brands will soon follow in Camuto Group’s footsteps. His response: “Eventually, yes it will. There have been no roadblocks with the relocation, we have not missed a beat and that says a lot about the community.”

Are You Considering Moving Your Business to Southwest Florida?

Have you been debating whether or not to move your business to Southwest Florida? Our region has a lot to offer aside from low taxes and a beautiful year-round climate. Discover the endless possibilities our region has to offer!

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