Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Are you starting a small business in Bonita Springs or Estero, Florida? One of the very first things you should do, aside from substantial pre-planning, is establish an online presence. We live in an ever-increasing digital world and it’s imperative that you position yourself online so your customers will be able to find you. Let’s face it, consumers turn to their nearest device for any need or question that may arise. Without a website you’ll lose out on a lot of potential business opportunities.

Here are three reasons why it’s vital for small businesses to invest in a professional website right away:


1: A Website Helps by Promoting Your Business & Connects You to Consumers

A website is a fundamental tool that connects your business with those consumers who are searching for your product and/or service. These days most people will go online and do their research on a business before they make a purchase decision. If you don’t show up in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) how do you think consumers will be able to find you?


2: A Website Builds Credibility & Establishes Trust

A website helps you build credibility and establish trust. Make sure what you put on your website speaks to who you are and is consistent with your brand. When a consumer lands on your website they are automatically assessing you and your business. Remember, first impressions are everything and without credibility you will be struggling to turn your website visitors into paying customers. Here are some ways you can build your credibility and establish trust online:

– Professionally Designed Website
– Real Testimonials
– Real Imagery
– Add Your Contact Information
– Post Consistent Content on a Blog
– Be Active On Social Media
– Press Mentions


Your Website is a Marketing & Sales Tool:

Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t realize the true value and potential of a
website. Think of a website as a lead generation and sales tool — it’s always selling! A well-
designed lead generation website should be taking the consumer down a specific conversion
funnel that resembles something like this:

1. Awareness
2. Research
3. Interest
4. Trust
5. Call-to-Action

In the end, your website should be where consumers are — and that is online. So, if you are starting a small business or have already been in business for a few years, make sure you invest in your online presence.