Why You Should Hire Millennials for Your Startup

The millennial generation is often the recipient of a lot of flak from older generations — regularly, millennials are called entitled, lazy, and self-absorbed. But the reality is, whether or not you believe the generation embodies those negative attributes, they will determine our future, and there are several reasons why you should hire millennials for your startup. Right now, more than one in three American workers are from the millennial generation, according to a Pew Research study. With the millennial generation encompassing the majority of the workforce, it’s important to recognize their positive traits. Here are just five ways millennials can help propel your startup to success.


1: Technical Skills

Let’s face it: Millennials grew up with technology, and for many it’s second nature. Technology has changed the face of business, and having tech-savvy employees will be a plus because they won’t require the same level of training that others might need. Additionally, startups are typically immersed in technology, even if they’re not a tech startup. New companies realize the importance of using technology, and the technical skills millennials bring will certainly be an asset for startups.

2: Payroll Reduction

For the most part, the bulk of Millennials are just entering the workforce, which means they’ll be starting out at entry-level salaries. Although they won’t have the experience, they’ll be starting out with a lower price tag for employers because of it. This is especially helpful for startups, which often don’t have a large payroll budget.


3: They’re Open to Change

Inc.com reported a study conducted by human resources firm PWC, which found that “More than 70 percent of hiring managers said millennials were more open to change than generation X.” Being open to change means that millennials are able to adapt when the course of a business needs to change. When they move between jobs, they won’t be focused on the “old way” of doing things — they’ll be ready to move forward.

4: Multitasking Experts

Millennials have grown up within an on-demand culture where they are constantly doing multiple things at once. While they have been criticized for not paying attention, being capable of multitasking is a real business skill — it’s a realistic expectation that employees are going to be asked to handle more than one task at a time.


5: Great Match for Startups

Startups value personal/work life balance, and millennials really care about having flexibility. Strict and rigid structures suffocate millennials, causing them to jump ship. But most startups understand the need to be flexible, and as a result, they are hiring freelancers as well as employees, giving millennials the balance they need.

Ultimately, when you hire a millennial, you’re simply hiring someone who was born in a certain generation. Keep in mind that a candidate’s skill set, background, and capability should be the most important things you consider when choosing an employee. However, it’s undeniable that millennials could be the perfect match for startups across the country.