How to Establish Effective Team Building in Your Startup

For startups, and all other businesses, team building can be an invaluable asset that will help your startup grow. Building and establishing a core team of people you trust can positively affect your startup in many ways, and it’s time to embrace it. Here’s how to establish team building in your startup:

1: Embrace The Team for Startup Success

If your company is just starting out, you are likely in and out of the office, conducting meetings, networking, and working to continually improve the business as a whole — not to mention keeping the operations running smoothly and actually providing the product or service you’re selling. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), cloning is a long way out, so you will have to settle on relying on other people to help your business grow. That’s where team building comes in. Embracing the work of the team can mean that your startup succeeds, and that is an idea you should get behind.

2: Open Communication = Trust and Respect

When you’ve created a healthy team that works well together, one of the most obvious aspects that has made it work is open communication. When the members of your team can communicate openly and honestly with one another and with you, it establishes an environment of trust and respect. Conflicts are limited and work is done more efficiently.

3: Resolve Conflicts = Environment of Understanding

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, conflicts will inevitably happen at some point or another, even in the most well-oiled machines with the happiest employees. It’s important in these situations to hear out all members of the team and keep communication flowing, which can promote understanding and respect.

4: Healthy Competition = Improved Performance

Establishing healthy competition within your company will drive your employees to perform better. Hold team members accountable for their work, but don’t pit them against each other. Fostering an environment in which your team competes to do better than similar companies in your industry, or your team competes to perform better as a whole from year to year are great ways that you can inspire the competitive nature in the members of your team. You can avoid creating a cut-throat and toxic work environment by establishing these healthy ways to compete and by not publicly singling members out of the team — that may be viewed as favoritism, which could damage the team.

5: Celebrate Success = Sense of Accomplishment

Provide rewards when team members achieve milestones and perform well together as an incentive to continue that trend. Within your team you will have leaders who excel, but the real leaders are ones who stay humble and celebrate their own successes alongside those of the team. Successes should be shared with everyone, as everyone should be working towards the same goals for the startup.

Team Building is Effective

Overall, team building is an effective way to help your startup grow, and these are just some of the ways that you can incorporate team building in to your business model. There’s a reason businesses have been doing team building for decades — it works!