MY Shower Door on the future of SWFL Manufacturing

Manufacturing is SW Florida is a rarity because of a few challenges…location, workforce quality and quantity of work.

In order to succeed in manufacturing, these challenges must be addressed and overcome.


Most SW Florida manufacturers provide goods for regional distribution where distribution can be accomplished with

the company’s own fleet of delivery trucks or local delivery services. There are some companies that manufacture and distribute both nationally and worldwide

but those are far and few. Those companies generally have products that can be shipped via the larger delivery services or the USPS.


For the companies that manufacture bulkier, heavier items the location of SW Florida makes it more difficult and expensive to ship long distances. Those costs normally

push the customer’s cost out of range from their competitors. In order to compete, most of these companies manufacture and deliver regionally in Florida.


MY Shower Door and their sister company, D3 Glass, have realized that in order to be a manufacturer it is a better strategy to be able to grow vertically and manufacture products that

are primarily purchased by themselves. In the case of D3 Glass, their primary customer is MY Shower Door and their seven SW Florida locations along with another offshoot, MY Architectural Glass.

In order to fill the capacity of their new manufacturing facility, D3 Glass also manufactures and sells to other glass shops throughout the State of Florida. They have sold glass that has been installed

In such well know facilities as, Disney’s Contemporary Hotel Executive Suites, Disney’s Grand Floridian Villas, Trump’s Doral Resort, Lackland Air Force base, University of Florida’s microbiology lab and the new

University Mall in Sarasota. D3 Glass also manufactured all of the interior glass for the Hertz Global Headquarters in Estero, FL.


MY Shower Door has also started a new “Hospitality Division” that services the hotel and resort facilities. These buildings require a certain expertise and capability that most local glass shops are unable to do.

Hotels and Resorts need to rent rooms and having a supplier that can manufacture and install shower doors quickly and efficiently has that special appeal to purchasing agents in that industry,


MY Architectural Glass is another division of MY Shower Door and installs heavy glass railing systems, office partitions and glass wine closets. Glass offices are becoming increasingly popular as the glass panels

allow daylight through a normally dark building making it more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing and open. This is a top priority for designers and decorators. By having their own customer base, D3 Glass has been growing and improving.

As their business grows, they have been hiring machine operators, loading and delivery personnel, customer service representatives and order entry staff. Each and every staff member undergoes extensive training, in-house, in order

to allow the process to flow efficiently. Currently, the staff of all combined entities totals 105 with more still to come.


MY Shower Door, MY Architectural Glass and D3 Glass have positioned themselves for future growth in all aspects of their business, sales, manufacturing and distribution. They have been named to the

“INC 5,00 Fastest Growing Businesses in the United States” on four separate occasions 2015, 2016, 2017 and just this week, 2019. Additionally they have been named as The Collier County Entrepreneur of the

Year, The Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year, and as the SBA (Small Business Association) Family Owner Business of the Year”. They have also won the Glass Magazine Award for

having designed and installed the “Best Shower Door in the United States”.


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