Cape Coral Community Foundation seeks board members

Community Foundation in largest city in Lee County with focus on adults age 50 and beyond, youth philanthropists and nonprofits helping seniors living in isolation, seeks committee, board members

Cape Coral Community Foundation, located in the largest city in Southwest Florida, is seeking representatives from Lee County to serve for positions on its various committees and the Board of Directors.

Prospects with professional or volunteer experience, knowledge and passion for reaching active Generation Xers and Baby Boomers age 50 and beyond, increasing civic participation and promoting volunteerism, serving as an advocate for senior orphans who are living alone without nearby relatives, never having children, never getting married, widowed, divorced, or even in some cases, the death of a child.

The foundation also has a focus on youth philanthropy and supporting nonprofit agencies with outstanding programs with capacity building to become more effective organizations. Committee and Board members serve three-year terms.

The Community Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization connecting people who care with causes that matter. Want to start a conversation about being a board or committee member?

You are encouraged contact: or call (239) 542-5594.