Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to additional business questions about Lee County and the state of Florida, please reference:

Lee County Economic Development
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What is a Lee County Local Business tax receipt?

A local business tax receipt grants the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within the jurisdiction of Lee County.

What is considered to be a business?

An individual or company receiving money for a type of service. examples: lawn care, tailoring, restaurant, retail sales, consulting and professionals such as attorneys, physicians, etc.

How much does a local business tax receipt cost?

The fee is $50.00. One half (1/2) year fee applies for local business tax receipts commencing April through June and/or one fourth (1/4) year fee applies July through September. Professional (attorney, physician, etc.) are charged a flat rate of $50.00. Any professional, regulated and licensed as an individual by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or Florida Department of Health, working in or maintaining multiples county locations, only one (1) business tax Receipt will be issued as an individual professional at a specified principle location.

How do I get a local business tax receipt?

Before completing a local business tax receipt application the following must be completed: legal structure determination, state licensing (if applicable), federal employer identification (if other than a sole proprietorship), fictitious name registration (if applicable) and proper zoning approval. Other documentation may be required depending on the type or nature of business.

What is zoning approval?

Verification of compliance with the land development code.

If I am renting space from an existing business, do I need zoning approval?

Yes, all businesses no matter where they are located, must have zoning approval. before the tax collector can issue a local business tax receipt you must provide the following: zoning department signature on the application, copy of your business certificate of use, and copy of your current city tax receipt (if applicable).

What Lee County Cities issue a local business tax receipt?

The cities of Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Sanibel. For the city of Bonita Springs, Estero and the Town of Fort Myers Beach you only need a county business tax receipt.

Why do I need a county business tax receipt, if I have a city business tax receipt?

This tax receipt is authorized pursuant to Florida statutes 205 and Lee county Ordinance 95-23. if your business is located in one of the cities, you must provide a copy of this tax receipt upon applying for the county tax receipt.

What is a Fictitious Name and how do you register?

A fictitious name means any name under which a person conducts their business in this state (mostly sole proprietorships). The fictitious name must be registered with the Florida Department of State. For information contact: Florida Department of State Division of Corporations 850-245-6058 or the packet can be picked up at the Lee County tax collector’s office.

I want to file a complaint against my insurance company. Is there a state agency in Florida that can assist me?

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Consumer Services is standing by to assist you with your insurance or financial issue. Dedicated insurance specialists are ready to take your call, answer your questions, or file a complaint with your company on your behalf. You can find their webpage at or call their toll-free helpline at 1-877-MY-FL-CFO (693-5236).